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26.04.2015 21:25:58
2485,0 1100-1110 AUS 22.04.15 Radio VL8K, Katherine English RLW-USA 
3365,0 2355- B 23.04.15 Radio Cultura, Araraquara Portuguese RLW-USA 
4055,0 0515-0527 GTM 25.04.15 TGAV, Radio Verdad, Chiqimula English 14321 MAM-E 
4451,1 2310-2333 BOL 21.04.15 Radio Santa Ana, Santa Ana de Yacuma, Beni Spanish RLW-USA 
4835,0 1822-1834 AUS 21.04.15 Radio VL8A, Alice Springs English 24322 MAM-E 
6010,0 0505-0515 B 26.04.15 Radio Inconfidŕncia, Belo Horizonte Spanish 13221 MAM-E 
6115,0 1815-1831 COG 22.04.15 Radio Congo, Brazzaville French 13221 MAM-E 
6155,0 1814-1823 IND 21.04.15 All India Radio, Bengaluru (Bangalore) Vernacular 44444 MAM-E 
6160,0 2339- CAN 25.04.15 Radio CKZN, St. John's English RLW-USA 
6180,0 0515-0527 B 25.04.15 Radio Nacional da Amaz˘nia, Brasilia Portuguese 14321 MAM-E 
6185,0 0440-0451 MEX 26.04.15 Radio Educacion, XEPPM, Mexico City Spanish 14321 MAM-E 
9405,0 0900-0915 S 26.04.15 Radio City, Sala English 24322 MAM-E 
9635,0 1730-1737 MLI 23.04.15 Radio Mali, Bamako Vernacular 13221 MAM-E 
9725,0 0512-0526 B 25.04.15 RB2, Curitiba Portuguese 24322 MAM-E 
9820,0 1645-1700 UAE 21.04.15 IBRA-Radio, Dhabayya Vernacular 44444 MAM-E 
15476,0 2003- ATA 21.04.15 LRA 36, Radio Nacional Arcangel San Gabriel, Base Esperanza Spanish 14321 MAM-E
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For Your Diary - DSWCI AGM 2015:
Please note that our Annual General Meeting 2015 will be held at 
Landgasthof Tarp
Bahnhofstrasse 1
D-24963 Tarp
in the weekend 8th- 10th May 2015.
The little town Tarp is located at the highway E45/A7 and is a station on the railway line Hamburg-Flensburg. 
Train every 2- hours. Tarp is 146 KM from Hamburg, 15 KM from Flensburg, 10 KM from Schleswig and 334 KM from Copenhagen.
From Landgasthof Tarp we have got a temporary offer stating that we can have
1x coffee with cakes, 1 x half board (3 dish evening-meal and 1 x breakfast) in connection with the following room-prices:
1 night in double-bedroom for EUR 52,- per person and for 2 nights EUR 78,- per person.
1 night in single-bedroom for EUR 62,- per person and for 2 nights EUR 98,- per person.
All rooms with bath and WC.
As the number of rooms available is limited we advise you to make your reservation early. 
This is an offer made to the DSWCI only. Please do NOT contact the Hotel directly, but contact the treasurer Bent Nielsen, 
if you already now wish to make a reservation of a room, stating arrival date, kind of room and departure date and name of 
Tentative program is:
Friday 8th May: Arrival and evening-meal for members with a room.
Saturday 9th May: Individual sightseeing in the area
At 1400- Annual General Meeting -coffee break at 1500
At 1900- Common meal 
Sunday 10th May: Departure 
For further details concerning program for the weekend see the coming issues of SWN. We hope to see many of you in Tarp next year. 

The DSWCI board


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deadline for SWN: 23.05.2015